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21 октября 2016, 14:35

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Post your news for free on newsportal

Prepared news or press release can be placed on a news site , in social networks and specialized services for the placement of press releases, websites or specialized regional mass-media. Free accommodation options - weight.


Especially effective regional media, and specialized portals whose content is broadcast in the news feed Google searchers. In this case, the news of the company can be repeatedly replicated in other media.


We, any company can publish news or press release. At the same time with the news, and an active link is located, has a positive effect on the promotion of the site in the search network.


A professional approach is to base selection of services. The same news can be posted directly to all services. The base has an effective free services from 30 to 140 portals depending on the profile of the business and geography.


Google is trying to improve the service of interactive maps, combining this application with the operation of the calendar. Now, when users turn on the mark position in the Google Calendar event, they will be displayed on the map and in a special tab upcoming events. → In the US, the number of applications for unemployment benefits rose by 13 thousand Microsoft managers pay 5 $ 56 million this year, Yahoo spying for American intelligence

Amazon will open a chain of grocery stores Fastfood impose a tax on soda are not profitable Nike giving away lottery samozavyazyvayuschiesya shoes in the style of the movie "Back to the Future" American bed

Amazon continues to advance on the heels of Wal-Mart on all fronts. Network retailers will open shops to sell products and vegetables in the fast format. → The World Bank for 2017 increases the cost of oil forecast to $ 55 a barrel Nike giving away lottery samozavyazyvayuschiesya shoes in the style of the movie "Back to the Future" Americans have warned that cold weather will increase winter heating bills

Amtrak across the United States prohibits the Galaxy Note 7 The World Bank raised its oil price forecast for next year. Estimated analysts of the bank, a barrel of crude will cost 53 and $ 55. Increased cost is due to the new agreement of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), which will reduce the production surplus. → Pepsi reduce calorie drinks in most 2025 Will my US shopping centers for Thanksgiving?

Facebook will build a huge data center in Denmark Jeff Bezos told about the steep start-ups in the history of Reuters reported that Yahoo secretly uses custom software to scan incoming e-mail messages. The program looks for certain character sets for the FBI and intelligence agencies. → In the Australian state of Victoria about 600 workers lose their jobs Ford. Local production of the American car company closed after 90 years of work. →

Forbes. Trump's net profit declined this year at $ 800 million The house in which an American businessman and politician Donald Trump (Donald Trump) spent his childhood, will be auctioned. Apartment building in New York, has a starting price of 849 thousand dollars. → Tesla Motors officially announces that all electric cars will be equipped with a fully automated control system. It will be the first in America full of unmanned machines. → In the next 10 years, PepsiCo intends to switch to a healthier type of product. By 2025, the brand promises to reduce the caloric content of three-quarters of drinks. →

Google Flights offers several new features aimed at finding cheap flights. One of the innovations - the notification about the future growth of prices for the tickets for certain flights. So users will be able to buy tickets before they rise. → Condé Nast Traveler magazine has made a rating of the best hotels of the American West. Just three hotels in Denver were in the top 5. → Tesla will launch a fully automated unmanned vehicles in September retail sales rose at a solid pace, recovering after several months of decline. This indicates that in the second half of the year consumers are to support economic growth. →

Google Flights will now be notified when and where the price increases on flights significant hurricane damage Matthew, does not become a cause for destruction of US insurance companies. According, the company has sufficient capital to insurance payments to victims of the hurricane is not emptied of their cash reserves. Also began working special reinsurance programs to effectively absorb the consequences of the damage caused by the elements. → TripAdvisor stops selling tickets to those places where there may be rare animals in September retail sales in the US rose by 0.6 percent

Google News has long used a variety of markers for news from other sources, including the "highly cited" shortcuts "opinion", "focus", and others. Now added service mark "proven facts". The new tool will help to know how much your work is Volkswagen Group is recalling all over the world, hundreds of thousands of new models of the Golf and Audi due to fuel leakage. The problem is so widespread that the German giant conducts a review in three major campaigns. In the United States alone will be withdrawn from the market 280 thousand cars. → Hacking Yahoo could affect the deal with Verizon

Google News Now Newsletter notes with proven facts Glassdoor new tool allows you to define the project, experts in various industries can count on what salary. Service will help determine how much work it is a specific employee. → VW is recalling 280 thousand in the United States of new models due to fuel leaks Tuesday, Forbes magazine published its annual list of 400 richest Americans, including 42 billionaires - people from other countries. →

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Post your news for free on newsportal

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